Revision Events

Revision events are a great opportunity to spend a day on intensive examination preparation.

A revision event usually focuses on the content of a specific unit, e.g. Core 1, Mechanics 1. Sometimes revision events are for one awarding body's specification only, but often students are split into groups so that the day can cover more than one specification.

Most revision events are open to any student - please contact the revision event organiser to confirm whether this is the case and for details of costs and to confirm attendance.

The majority of FMSP revision events are hosted at a university. This has many benefits; school and college students value greatly opportunities to experience learning in a ‘different, new and inspirational’ environment that a university can bring. Generally there is also the opportunity to find out more about university courses and how they build upon the mathematics that students are learning at school/college.

Please see the table below to find out if there are any upcoming revision events in your area.