The FMSPW supports students in preparing for their GCSE and A level mathematics examinations. In some areas the FMSPW Area Coordinators organise one-day revision events. The FMSPW also provides online revision recordings for all further pure and applications modules for most specifications. In addition the FMSPW provides recordings of revision sessions for GCSE Higher Tier Mathematics.

Revision Advice

In order to be fully prepared for your examinations it is important to revise the content of the units that you have studied.

Some suggestions to help you:

  • Check that you have covered all of the content in the specification for your unit and that you have the notes for each part.
  • Practise as many past examination papers as possible.
  • Make a plan of when you will complete the papers in the time you have allocated for revising. It is better to set yourself realistic targets and achieve them instead of setting unrealistically ones and feeling negative about your revision.
  • In the early stage of your revision you should use your notes to help you; nearer the examination you should be aiming to complete the papers without your notes.
  • Read through the markscheme after completing the paper, taking particular note of what the marks are awarded for.
  • Read through the examiner's reports for the papers - these will usually give useful comments about where candidates were making common mistakes.
  • If you are stuck seek help, either from a teacher, a friend or Ask Nrich.
  • If you are struggling with a particular topic practise some additional questions on this from your textbook.

Revision Events

Revision events are a great opportunity to spend a day on intensive examination preparation.

A revision event usually focuses on the content of a specific unit.

Most revision events are open to any student - please contact the revision event organiser to confirm whether this is the case and to confirm attendance.

The majority of FMSPW revision events are hosted at a university. This has many benefits; school and college students value greatly opportunities to experience learning in a ‘different, new and inspirational’ environment that a university can bring. Generally there is also the opportunity to find out more about university courses and how they build upon the mathematics that students are learning at school/college.

Please click on the events tab above to find out if there are any upcoming revision events in your area.

Online Revision

The FMSPW provides topic-based revision videos for Further Pure and Applied units.

Please note that some of these were produced for the old specifications. Much of this material is appropriate for students working towards the new specifications.

Whilst every effort has gone into ensuring the accuracy of each recording, Further Maths Support Programme Wales can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of their content.

WJEC online revision sessions hosted by FMSPW, please see videos/recordings listing below :

WJEC Modules


AS Pure











FM Unit 2






FM Unit 3








Further Pure 1

Further Pure 2

Further Pure 3

For further details please email: [email protected] .